Ukrainian Refugee Convoy Report

Following the decision by Russia to invade Ukraine, we quickly realised that we may need to start the process of appealing to our contacts within the CWU, wider labour movement for what would be required to assist with the relief of the many refugees. We were also in contact with our friends at Royal Mail […]

Posted: 13th May 2022

CWUHA our plans and progress for 2022

CWUHA our plans and progress for 2022 We started the year planning our first convoy for two and a half years, but had to cancel the May convoy due to complications with our Royal Mail agreement. So we moved on to start planning other ways to get aid to our project in Moldova when we […]

Posted: 5th May 2022

2021 Trustees Annual Report

In 2021 we continued to receive amazing support from CWU members, branches and regions. Without this support we wouldn’t be able to deliver smiles in Eastern Europe, Africa and here in the UK. We also receive fantastic support from companies like Royal Mail, Eir, An-Post, Pellacraft and Unionline Please take the time to read about […]

Posted: 5th May 2022

CWU Humanitarian Aid Trustees Elections 2022 – 2024

CWU Humanitarian Aid Trustees Elections 2022 – 2024 Nominations are now invited for positions below: Chairperson Secretary Financial Officer Vice Chair Project  Managers x 3 Trustees x 10 **Trustees and officers will need to attend trustees meetings, fundraise, attend conferences to promote the charity and assist the officers when requested. All applicants for any position […]

Posted: 19th April 2022

CWUHA Ukraine Aid: Day 5.

The journey home. Set off 0800 from Hannover heading for Dutch border @ De Poppe. Push through to France and see where we are at with driving time motorway delays. Great Aid trip for free Ukrainian people and meeting the military and civilian personnel helping the people of the Ukraine. Superb set of drivers 44ft […]

Posted: 8th April 2022

Day 3 – CWUHA Ukrainian Refugee Convoy

Early start for the drivers on Wednesday to make up for the last bit of time they lost on Monday. The motoways in Germany we’re smooth sailing and even more so once they arrived in Poland The convoy arrived at the World Trade Centre in Poznań just before 5pm and we’re greeted by Caritas International […]

Posted: 7th April 2022

Day 2 – CWUHA Ukrainian Refugee Convoy

After a bit of R&R in Jabbeke, Brugge the convoy set off from their hotel at 10am and got back on the road. The route took them from Belgium , through the bottom of the Netherlands and into Germany Roads we’re busy at times but they managed to make great time and only 1 hour […]

Posted: 6th April 2022

Day 1 – CWUHA Ukrainian Refugee Convoy

Chris Webb left Blackpool at 5am and headed to Bedford to pick up his co-driver, Paul Moffat. Sonya Michaels met up with Keith Archbold on the outskirts of London at 8am and they made their way to the coast. Delays across the country slowed the convoy down and they all finally met up at Maidstone services […]

Posted: 5th April 2022

CWUHA Ukraine Appeal

CWUHA Ukraine Appeal The response to our Ukraine appeal has been nothing short of fantastic. The generosity and compassion of our regions, branches, members, families and friends is unparalleled. On the back of this support, we will be sending a Royal Mail 40 foot artic and support wagon carrying over 20 Tonnes of high-quality humanitarian […]

Posted: 17th March 2022

New Playground for the CWUHA supported Kindergarten in Moshi, Tanzania

CWUHA Trustees have given the go-ahead to fund a new playground at the CWUHA supported Kindergarten in Moshi, Tanzania. CWUHA has supported the school for over 14 years providing new classrooms, toilets, library and electricity. The charity with the help of our supporters also sponsor over 50 children at the kindergarten. A number of our […]

Posted: 5th February 2022