Our Milo

It gave the CWUHA Chair, Carl Webb great pleasure to hand over a cheque to Phil Brown the grandfather of a very brave 18 month old boy called Milo.

Milo suffers from delayed mental and physical development, and as yet there is no medical diagnosis for his condition. He has no head control, suffers from uncoordinated movements, and is unable to hold his body weight. He will never have the ability to sit unaided, crawl, walk, and may never even talk.

Milo has had a variety of tests for all known conditions, but all have come back negative – his condition is so rare that it may well be named after him. The families aim is to raise funds to pay for a fully adapted sensory room for Milo to learn and develop. The cost is likely to be around £15,000.

If you or your organisation would like to make a donation, please visit: http://www.justgiving.com/OurMilo 

Further information can be found on Milo’s website – www.ourmilo.co.uk

CWUHA September 2014 Convoy

To: All Interested Parties - CWUHA September 2014 Convoy

Hi All

We are now seeking volunteers for the CWUHA  September 2014 Convoy – destination Bulgaria

• The day of departure is yet to be agreed

• The convoy will consist of 10 vehicles.

• You will be away for just over 2 weeks (but all drivers to be prepared for 3 weeks away in any event)

• Each vehicle has two drivers, so we are looking for duos.

  • All drivers must be confident, competent and licensed to drive a 7.5 ton vehicle.

If selected you will be provided with a vehicle, fuel card and insurances (not aid), it will be your responsibility to raise the funds and aid for your vehicle. If you work for BT or RM you will get paid release for the duration of the convoy, but be WARNED you will have to do a lot of work in your own time i.e. fundraising, collecting/buying aid, packing the aid into boxes, completing a manifest, loading your vehicle, picking up and returning your vehicle from a depot anywhere in the UK .

It’s hard but very rewarding work, and your reward is to see the smiling faces of the children you are helping.

The selection of all convoy participants is at the absolute discretion of the trustees. They will consider all applicants using the following criteria:

Business Plan: You will be required to submit a business plan that will show how you will raise the aid for your vehicle and funds to finance your ferry and your subsistence. The ferry is approx. £550 and subsistence is £500 per driver.

Volunteer Form: All drivers are required to complete a volunteer form and this can be found on

Skydiving for CWUHA

Over the years CWUHA trustees and supporters have done wacky and physical challenges to raise much needed funds for CWUHA - but Julie Upton, CWU Executive Member went one step further by hurling herself out of a plane at 15,000 feet to raise money for the CWUHA-supported Kilima Hewa School in Moshi, Tanzania.

“Well, it was 3rd time lucky with the Lancashire weather, and I finally got to 'jump' on Sunday 24th November. Whilst the two postponements played havoc with my nerves and adrenalin levels, they were a blessing in disguise for my fundraising - and for the kids at the CWUHA sponsored Kilima Hewa School in Moshi, Tanzania. I am so thrilled to say that, beyond anything I had hoped for; I have now reached my revised target of £1,500.

The whole experience has been amazing. The fabulous support of my CWU colleagues, friends and family has truly "raised me up" (sounds corny I know, but true!). That said, my immediate family continued to show their solidarity "remotely" and, even on the 2nd & 3rd attempt, couldn't bring themselves to come and watch me hurl myself towards the ground from 15,000ft. I can't think why!

The freefall was breathtaking (literally). The senses overload as I fell for approx 50 seconds at 120mph and -10 degrees (I'm told) does a bit more than catch your breath. But, when the shoot opened and you have about 6 minutes to soak in the view and the sense of achievement, it is out of this world. I was even allowed to steer myself for a while and promptly turned 180 degrees, away from Blackpool and towards The Lake District (too many memories of former NCU conferences came to mind and, if I was going to die, I didn't want it to be in Blackpool!)

Thank you to everyone for their support (moral & financial). When Mr Massawe, the Head Teacher and owner of the farmland, where the Kilima Hewa School is built, messaged me to say "Well done and Thank you on behalf of the children", on the evening of my skydive, I thought my heart was about to explode, and I'd have willingly done it all over again for him.

One day I hope to pluck up the 'emotional' courage to actually visit the school and meet the children who we have helped to have a better future, or maybe climb nearby Mount Kilimanjaro to help raise more funds??!   Watch this space . . ! !

Alex Pearson, the CWUHA Project Manager with responsibility for the school said “Julie is a veteran fund raiser for CWUHA but she has never done anything this extreme before, which has resulted in her raising an amazing amount of money that will be spent on sponsoring children’s education, buying uniforms, books and equipment for the Kilima Hewa school – Julie you are one in a million”.

You can still sponsor Julie by sending a cheque made payable to ‘CWUHA’ writing Julie on the back and sending to ‘CWUHA, 302a Barlow Moor Rd, Manchester, M21 8AY.


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