Wheelchair for Brianne

Wheelchair for Brianne

Earlier this year CWUHA were asked if we could assist in obtaining a new wheelchair for the 9 year old daughter of a serving soldier; who suffers with Freidreichs Ataxia. This is a rare illness which affects the mobility of sufferers, and can sometimes be life limiting. A new wheelchair would give her access to the outside areas, transport her to school, and allow her to meet and socialise with her friends. Due to the CoronaVirus pandemic it has taken far longer than normal to get the wheelchair made to her specifications and to be delivered to her home address in Wiltshire.

Finally the new electric chair was completed and delivered to her home during the day whilst she was at school. When she arrived home the surprise was waiting for her, and she was overjoyed riding it around the front room.

This gift, to a very special young lady, has given her the freedom to get out and about in the fresh air with her family and friends. It will also make life easier for her parents, who have struggled to get her out of the house especially during the warm weather. She now has the opportunity to go to places much farther afield than before.

CWUHA have made a welcome, and very much needed, difference to her and we all sincerely hope that she will have many hours of fun and independence using the new wheelchair.


Posted: 30th October 2020

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