Warrington Mail Centre and CWU Warrington MC Branch Donations

Thanks to Warrington Mail Centre in the North West and CWU Warrington MC Branch! The branch organised a bucket collection on all the shifts across all functions and raised nearly £600, well done to all involved especially John Corby, Will Johnston and Paul Marsden.

This money was then used to buy vital aid for vulnerable families in a small village called Cremenciug in the south of Moldova one of the poorest countries in Europe. Branch Secretary Paul Chadwick and  Paul Allen CWU Learning Coordinator then went out and bought nearly 4000 nappies, 750 sanitary towels, 12 footballs and pumps as well as 2 microwave ovens.

Once they had collected the aid they then brought it over to Preston ready to be loaded onto convoy drivers Ray Atkinson and Paul Newsham’s van so they can take it directly to where it is needed on the September 2016 Convoy.

On behalf of Ray and Paul our heartfelt thanks go out to the CWU Warrington MC Branch, CWU members and all at Royal Mail that helped to facilitate this.

Posted: 5th September 2016

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