Vital aid diverted to UK charities.

With the current situation across Europe it was decided to cancel the CWUHA May convoy to Moldova. Some of the aid that was due to go had been stored at our warehouse in Leyland and consisted of hand soap, bars of soap, bleach, washing up liquid, nappies, toothbrushes and assorted toiletries. The decision was taken to use this aid now and divert it to two North West foodbanks.

The first to benefit from this aid was Blackpool Food Bank who received a car full of the items.

The next organisation was the New Day Church in Lostock Hall just outside Preston who received two car loads of items. They stated that donations had dropped off significantly but referrals had doubled over the past week. They stated that “The Food Bank is as important as ever particularly at this crisis time with coronavirus.  We will continue to try to maintain the service as long as we have the resources, so please keep your donations of food or finances coming.”

Both these organisations are well established foodbanks who are struggling at the moment getting hold of washing and cleaning items because of current restrictions. It was the right decision to make use of this valuable aid now in the UK but rest assured once our convoys are back up and running the aid will be replaced.

Posted: 16th April 2020

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