The Phoenix Centre Offering Hope, Love and Inclusion

On Saturday 19th September trustees and supporters, at no expense to CWUHA, will meet up with convoy drivers to attend the opening of the ‘Phoenix Centre’. Working in partnership with Mad-Aid and Moldova-Aid we have renovated and transformed a rundown school in Moldova into a modern disabled activity centre.The Phoenix Centre

The new centre will provide an early intervention unit for children with physical disabilities, as well as facilities for disabled teenagers to learn how to become independent. The facility will also act as a central point for wheelchair distribution in the region. In addition to providing crucial services to disabled children in the area, it is also hoped that the new centre will uplift the local community through job creation.

A special thanks must go to Victoria Dunford the founder of Mad-Aid whose vision and hard work made all this possible.

The Phoenix Centre

Posted: 15th September 2015

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