Heartfelt thank you letter….

Please see below the lovely Thank You letter that we have just recieved from David regarding part of the donations CWUHA made to Blackpool Coastal Housing a couple of weeks ago.


I just want to say Thank you so much for the television that was donated for my flat. I honestly cannot thank you enough for your kindness and thoughtfulness during this very hard time.

When I was told I would be moving into a flat I was very scared and worried about how lonely I would feel, especially with no TV. I struggle to read and write so would have struggled a lot without a TV. It is not possible to describe the benefits this TV will provide and it will really help my mental health and reduce the feeling of loneliness I may have when in my flat on my own having to isolate.

It is very difficult to be homeless often without any belongings and family, but you and staff at the hostel and really made a difference to my life now and I will be forever grateful.

Thank you again!

Yours sincerely,


Many thanks to Leah at Blackpool Coastal Housing and Peter at CWU Lancs and Cumbria Branch for facilitating our donation and making a difference to someones life.

Posted: 14th April 2020

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