Decision to cancel the September 2020 Convoy

Due to the Covid epidemic we took the decision earlier this year to cancel the May convoy. In reality we had no choice as most borders had been closed along with hotels and restaurants, leaving us little option.

The decision to also cancel the September convoy has been taken with a heavy heart. This will be the first time in the 25 year history of the charity that we haven’t sent at least one convoy to help vulnerable children, but we were honestly left with no choice. We couldn’t with any certainty guaranty the safety of our volunteers, nor could we guarantee that all borders would be open to vehicles from the UK or that hotels on our route would be in a position to cater for our convoy. There is also the obvious risk of us possibly infecting the children we came in contact with.

So while very disappointing, we feel that this is the correct decision for all concerned. We will continue to plan for next year and hope by then we will be in a position to make up for lost time.

In the meant time we have decided to make donations to a number of charities within the UK as they have also been hit by the virus, being unable to fundraise through their usual means has had a devastating effect.

Please stay safe and keep checking in for updates on all CWUHA activity.

Posted: 19th May 2020

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