CWUHA Gives a Helping Hand!

At the request of the charity’s former President, Ted Stead CWUHA Trustees agreed to support the work of an organisation called ‘Helping Hands’ that was set up by expats living in Didim a coastal town on the Agean Coast of western Turkey.

Help-in-Hands group was formed seven years ago to help disabled children, and families in need, in the town and neighbouring areas. They work very closely with Didim Disabled Association and Didim Social Services.

Over the last few years ‘Helping Hands’ and its volunteers have raised funds to build a training centre for disabled people. The training centre has become the community centre for the disabled and has recently been used as a training centre for community care workers.

Since then they have worked tirelessly to provide support to the most needy and working with social services ensures all the money raised goes to the right causes. They have completely refurbished one village school, have provided sports equipment, play areas and fencing for other schools and also road safety information for children but most importantly they have purchased food parcels for the elderly and needy, electric wheelchairs, orthopedic beds and helped families with children who have cancer.  Recently they have funded theater and aftercare costs for operations on children with Spina Bifida, where doctors and professors have kindly give their time free of charge.

As with the CWUHA everyone involved works for free, and every lira raised goes to helping the children and poor families. So CWUHA are pleased that we have been able to help in a small way the excellent work that they do for disadvantaged children and the local community.

Posted: 26th February 2018

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