CWUHA Aid Truck Arrives In Moldova

We are pleased to report that our chartered 40 ft wagon full of humanitarian aid that was due to be delivered in 2020/2021 has arrived safely in Moldova and has been unloaded at the CWUHA supported Phoenix Disabled Centre. Trustees Steve Rowlands, Ian Young and CWUHA supporter Linda Young were on hand to help our amazing in-country partners MAD-Aid unload and distribute aid direct to families and centres that care for disadvantaged children.

The wagon collected aid at CWU sites in Preston, Manchester and Birmingham where CWUHA supporters we on hand to help load the aid.

Our thanks to Lenny Crook, CWUHA Project Manager and Victoria Dunford Mad-Aid CEO for all their hard work in organising this project and all CWU branches/members who donated funds and goods.

#DeliveringSmiles  #MakingADifference

Posted: 22nd September 2021

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