Blackpool Coastal Housing Homeless Hostel Summer Party

With the help and support of CWUHA and the dedication of the staff at Blackpool’s Children and Families’ Emergency Housing Homeless Hostel a summer party was organised for the families who reside there.

An absolutely fantastic day was had by all at the summer party held in the hostel. Local entertainer Rockin Rob provided the entertainment for the day free of charge, which included a magic show, sing along and party games.

The children tucked into a lovely picnic along with drinks and ice cream for everyone, it was a great treat for them. It was absolutely fantastic to see the parents and their children all being involved in the circus tricks and the day was enjoyed by all. The look on the children’s faces says it all, especially when they were singing “Let it Snow” and then to their amazement the snow arrived.

School holidays are difficult for a lot of families but in particular the families residing in the hostel that have little or no spare cash to give their children a bit of a treat.

What  a fantastic day, where for a short while the parents especially could have some fun with their children and for a while just forget about all their troubles. It was so amazing to see the children laugh and play, all with the involvement and support of the great staff who work there as well.

Plenty of smiles were delivered on the day !!!

Posted: 1st September 2021

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